Learning English at Ole School of Languages, Dublin, Ireland

English is recognised globally as the most important business and professional language. As such, attaining a professional level of English will help you to succeed personally and professionally, in your local country and internationally.

Dublin, a technology and financial hub, is recognised as an ideal place to learn English where people are friendly with whom you can converse openly, and where there are many other English students with whom you can enjoy all that Dublin has to offer.

Dublin is not only recognised for its great night life and pubs, but for its friendly people, its parks, its restaurants, and the nearby towns and countryside which can be easily reached by public transport.

Timetable for English classes in Dublin

At Olé School of Languages, Dublin, we have a range of English courses suitable for you. From General English courses for all levels to more specific courses such as English for Developers, this course caters for international developers who work in Dublin.

We offer academic only English courses in Dublin, we also offer full board courses where accommodation and activities are included. You can stay at one of our host families where you will be given every opportunity to practice speaking English or we can arrange for you to stay in rented accommodation with other students.

For whichever option you decide, your English learning objectives will be defined, and we will strive to ensure you achieve your English language learning success at Olé School of Languages, Dublin. Achieving this success should enable you in both your personal and professional life.

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