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English for Developers

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Flamenco Workshop

This course provides a taste of the Spanish culture. It is an introduction to Flamenco, the renowned and beautiful Spanish dance. The class will be carried out initially in English, Spanish phrases and words will be used more as participants become more comfortable with the dance, the culture and the language.
All levels are welcome.

Spanish for Bilingual Children

  • This course is aimed towards children that have been exposed to and wish to remain in contact with the Spanish language and culture.
  • The programme aims to develop fluency and improve speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.
  • This course is ideal for children whose parents are Spanish or children that have lived in Spanish speaking countries for a period of time.
  • Course is currently held on Thursday evenings at the Laurel Lodge Community Centre in Castleknock.

Spanish Conversation

  • This course is aimed towards people that have achieved a good command of the Spanish language.
  • The students will be able to improve their pronunciation, rhythm and intonation while communicating.
  • Class activities will include reading and commenting on newspapers articles, analysing poems and other pieces of literature, taking part in discussions and debates, and doing some phonetic and listening exercises.


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